What is the foaming agent that is used in your products?

We use a combination of Coco glucoside derived from Coconut and Aloe Vera Gel to naturally foam our products.

What is COSMOS Organic? How is this different from the Bud logo?

Cosmos Organic reflects an organic content between 70-95%. Bud logo applies to products that have a total organic content higher than 95% like our deodorants.

How are natural deodorants different? How do they work?

Odour is produced by the bacteria in sweat. Unlike synthetic deodorants that block perspiration using chemical ingredients like Aluminium etc our Natural deodorants use a combination of anti microbial Organic Essential oils and Organic Aloe Vera that inhibit this bacterial growth and mask any odour that may present.

What preservatives are used in OF range
Parfum also known as Naticide is a natural preservative that we use in the Organic Formulations range. It is a vegetable based ingredient with a sweet pleasant aroma.

P-Anisic acid is a naturally derived preservative from a plant origin (basil). It acts as a anti-microbial and skin softening agent

Aloe vera also is shown to have anti bacterial and anti- fungal properties

What is the expiry date on the OF range?
We recommend using Organic Formulations within 12 months of opening
Is your packaging recyclable?
We are very conscious of our environmental footprint at Martin and Pleasance and that is why we have chosen to pack Organic Formulations in 100% recycled rPet packaging. We are taking every day Australians recycled materials and repurposing it into recyclable rPet. Therefore you know your doing the best for our environment and your skin when you choose our brand.
Is Organic Formulations 100% Organic?
Organic Formulations is not 100% Organic. However we have the Cosmos Organic Certification. This means that our products have an organic content higher than 70%, that every ingredients is organic, from organic agriculture, natural or on the approved list at the ACO. It ensures that the total product complies with the highest sustainability practices.
Which Shampoo do you recommend for Everday, oily dry etc?
We suggest the following shampoo and conditioner for each main hair concern

Everyday- Coconut ; the shampoo in this range has Aloe vera and Dry- Mandarin and Rose Geranium; hydrating benefits of Jojoba and Sweet almond oil

Oily-Lemon Myrtle; purifying essential oils of Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea tree and Sweet Organge.

Sensitive; Fragrance free and gentle formula with very low essential oil percentage.

Which shampoo would you use for Dandruff? Are they therapeutic?
Organic Formulations are not designed as therapeutic formulas. However, many people can react to the synthetic componenents such as sulphates, of many regular pharmacy shampoos and this can cause an itchy, flaky scalp. Because we do not contain many of these nasty chemicals within our formulas they may help to reduce these symptoms.
Are all ingredients sourced in Australia?
Because we pride ourselves on using high quality organic and natural materials that must meed Cosmos Organic Standards we source our ingredients from Australia and Internationally. This also gives us the ability to ensure we can offer Organic Formulations at a reasonable price.
Why are the products inexpensive if organic?
We are lucky enough to have a variety of suppliers that provide high quality organic ingredients at reasonable prices. We source these from both Australia and Internationally.
Can I use the Organic Formulations range while pregnant?
Our organic essential oils are blended into our personal care range at levels that are usually safe during pregnancy however we always recommend that you consult your health care practitioner

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