Australian Biologika is an all-over body care range made with natural and organic ingredients. Not tested on animals, cruelty free, vegan friendly and environmentally responsible. Australian Biologika is an affordable, safe and aromatic line of products for the whole family to enjoy. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, hand and body washes, shave gels, soap bars, roll-on and mist deodorants, and body creams. Made using a fusion of organic herbs, plant extracts and pure essential oils the Australian Organic Biologika range is phosphate free and biodegradable.
  • All products are made with natural and certified organic Ingredients
  • Are free from harsh and synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances
  • Cruelty free & Vegan Friendly
  • Grey Water Safe

Australian Biologika is committed to organics as the way forward. By supporting our products you are caring for yourself, your family, your home and garden without the dangers of harmful chemicals or harsh synthetic ingredients, thus improving your health whilst lessening the impact on our precious earth.

With a decade of experience, Australian Biologika continues to formulate products to meet the Australian
Communities needs and wants. All of Australian Biologika products are processed in our certified organic plant located in Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia.

We use recyclable packaging, all sourced from Australia. We understand packaging needs to be attractive, but not at the expense of the environment or the consumer’s welfare.

Our Product Range

Vegetable Soap Bars

Vegetable soap bars in six fantastic fragrances, all individually boxed.
Long lasting, do not break up or dissolve and each bar has a gentle exfoliating ingredient such as linseed meal or primrose seeds. The safflower, avocado and macadamia oils used in this product are certified organic or biodynamic and grown without the use of artificial fertilisers, chemically synthesised pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and growth hormones

Bug Another Insect Repellent

Protect your family with Certified Organic Bug Another.

All natural and organic designed to safely protect you and your family whilst enjoying outdoor activities.

Safe for all the family.

Bug Another provides protection all year around.

Certified Organic Roll On Deodorants

Australian Organic Biologika Certified Organic, roll-on deodorants contain certified organic herbs, pure essential oils, Australian bush flowers and Australian bush fruit extracts to work on reducing the bacteria that causes body odour.

Regular antiperspirants contain a host of chemicals that many believe to be potentially harmful to health.

With the use of aluminium compounds (used to clog the pores to prevent sweating) still being linked to detrimental health conditions, it is no wonder that more and more people are opting for the natural version.

Certified Organic Mist Spray Deodorants

95% ACO certified organic & aluminium free, Biologika deodorants are a refreshing blend of certified organic herbs, pure essential oils, wild crafted Australian bush flowers and Australian bush fruit extracts that work on reducing the bacteria that causes body odour.

Biologika for Baby Range

Each parent wants the best for their precious baby. Rich in organic and natural ingredients, Biologika for Baby combines safe, gentle and effective formulas with the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils to create the perfect range for all of the baby’s and Mum’s personal care needs.

  • Certified Organic
  • Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Soap & Sulphate Free
  • Safe – Non Toxic
  • Aromatic Essential Oils

Biologika for Baby are affordable organics allowing every family to feel the pleasure of using organic products, knowing they are caring for their baby in the most natural way.

Biologika for Baby is an organic and natural skin care range formulated with organic, cold pressed oils, plant extracts and distilled essential oils, all selected specifically for children, babies and mum’s delicate skin.

Biologika for Baby is Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly – 100% Australian made and owned.

Hair & Body Care Range

With certified organic herbs, pure essential oils, Australian bush flowers and Australian bush fruit extracts to gentle cleanse and nourish the hair. All Natural Ingredients.

Both Hair and Hand & Body Wash range are Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty Free. A gentle formula for everyone to Enjoy!
Contains No: synthetic fragrances, parabens, artificial colours, formaldehyde causing agents or animal derived ingredients.

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